Tuesday, 18 February 2014

LBQB Flickr Silence

This blog post is for the members of the Little Blog Quilt Bee but if you're not a member and want to find out more about me then feel free to read on.

I've been having a few issues with Flickr and can't at present join our little group. The lovely Vanessa is trying to rectify this for me but it means that I'm unable to post comments onto group discussions. I've seen you've all been introducing yourselves so thought would post mine here so you don't think I'm being rude and ignorant!

Hi, I'm Claire. I've been sewing for a little over 18 months now. I mainly do patchwork but also sew bags, pouches, fabric baskets, cushions and the like. I'm a member of a lovely little guild, with Sheila, and enjoy attending sewing/quilting related events.

I'm married with 2 fur babies and live on a farm in the countryside in Scotland near to St Andrews. I hail from Edinburgh originally and moved to fife 10 years ago when Edinburgh property prices got the better of us!

I trained at university to be a primary teacher but didn't go into that profession and so spent the next 12 years working in financial services, in Edinburgh, in various different roles - customer service, sales, training & compliance then 7 years in marketing. I now work part time but was fortunate enough to have over a year off in between, where I started sewing.

I started blogging to talk about my sewing achievements and disasters and enjoy reading other blogs too, although I find instagram has led to fewer blog posts (from myself and others).

Anyhoo that's enough from me for just now :-)

Thursday, 13 February 2014


I've joined a bee! A British bee.  For people with little blogs*

The fantastic Lou came up with the idea and is doing a cracking job of getting us all organised! 

Month's have been assigned, I'm queen in July and naturally we are kicking off in March with Lou being queen.  She has chosen the wonky star block and we are all eager to get started.

Here's a note of all my fellow hive mates and where they blog (hopefully all the links work), do pop over and say hi if you get the chance!

Louise- http://imstudiolou.wordpress.com

Alison- http://www.patchworkalley.blogspot.co.uk

Gina- http://occasionalquilter.blogspot.co.uk

Nessa- http://www.nessahux.blogspot.co.uk

Jenny- http://www.notetofollowsew.blogspot.com

Joanna- http://www.myquiltsetal.blogspot.co.uk

Natalie- http://www.lovenatalieuk.blogspot.co.uk

Celine- http://www.espritpatch.blogspot.co.uk

Rosanne- http://notafloralgirl.blogspot.co.uk

Shelia- http://www.mindfulquilter.blogspot.co.uk

Heidee- http://handmadesomethings.wordpress.com

* Just as a side note, does anyone know how we now track how many blog followers we have? I know i don't have many but with the demise of Google reader and the sudden rush to adopt Feedly or Bloglovin or A N Other reader type device, how can we actually tell?  I know that I now follow blogs using my new reader which I don't think shows up in your stats.  How annoying!

I'd certainly be interested in hearing your thoughts on this! 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Hello, Kitty!

Having had my eye on these for a while,  the perfect excuse came along earlier this week and with 40% off it would have been rude not to!!! 

Hello Kitty and Liberty, what's not to love?!