Thursday, 2 October 2014

An apology

Of sorts.....

Life is busy right now. Working 2 jobs (2 roles at the same place at least) juggling night shift with 5am starts, coping with the upheaval of 2 bathroom reno's plus a hectic social schedule means my sewing has slipped.

For that I apologise.

I have *several* outstanding commitments, not least:

Bee blocks, several (hangs head in shame)
Baby quilts (gifts)
An update to a bag for a friend
Blogging - including the stitch gathering & swap stuff
Guild prep - eek
Chasing my Team Poppins peops who have not done a mosaic yet
Stalking my IG mini swap partner and generally catching up on Flossy's group

And let's not mention the "C" word shall we?!!!

Hoping that this post will prompt/shame me into action!

Watch this space.