Wednesday 19 June 2013

Some actual finishes!

I thought it was about time I got round to blogging some of the projects I've been working on, starting with fabric storage baskets.

Last month I was invited to a baby shower. As is customary, you take along a present for the baby. I tend to prefer to wait until baby arrives safe and sound (and we know what 'flavour' it is) before giving a gift but at the same time, I couldn't turn up empty handed!

I'd gifted nappy cakes before, usually with clothes/baby grows added in once bump arrives, and on this occasion seemed like a good way to present a fairly inexpensive gift.

In addition I thought I'd make a storage basket for the nursery from some gender neutral noteworthy by Sweetwater.  I trawled the interwebs looking for tutorials and came across lots! This one jumped out at me. It was easy peasy to do and I liked the way the contrasting lining looked when it was folded over.  Also I'm thinking that you'll be able to easily adapt it to make a scrappier more patchworky version or smaller/larger versions as required.

I filled the basket with some disposable changing mats and muslins and added it in as a layer on the cake.

As its taken so long to write this up, little Freya Elizabeth has now arrived safely and is thriving!

I've since made 2 more, boy flavoured this time, again as pre birth baby gifts. This time I dug into my precious flea market fancy by Denise Schmidt and a random fq of orange polka dot from my stash. I think the bright colours work well together.

I'll definitely be making more of these and intend to make a couple for my sewing room to organise my bits n bobs.