Tuesday 18 March 2014

Oh baby!

All of my friends are having babies! First ones, second ones and all at the same time it would seem. Rather selfishly they are keeping the "flavour" to themselves until the new arrival, well, arrives..... (disclaimer: some of them are, whilst others choose not to find out) ..... which means I can't do flavour specific sewing until bubba arrives ��

Anyhoo I digress. One of my school chums had her second wee girl a couple of weeks ago and I went to visit them last week. So of course the day before (nothing like a deadline to get over procraftination!) I got to sewing for the new arrival and her big sister.

I'd bought the noodlehead divided basket pattern some time ago and thought it would make a good gift when filled with muslin's, wipes and the like. The pattern was really easy apart from when it came to joining the divider to the lining. The pattern requires you to sew in a straight line towards a dot (marked on pattern piece) and then pivot with needle down on that dot. Simples! Well if I'd measured the distance from the edge of the pattern to the dot before I'd started, yes. Instead, I was relying on the pattern instructions to tell me that the seam allowance would change here from the previously required quarter inch to the now required half inch. It didn't btw.  Hey ho. We live and learn eh? And I've now written it on the pattern for future reference as the finished basket is amazing and I want to make 20 more! Just as well I have lots more preggo friends......

After dinner I started and finished the lovely owl cushion for new big sister as I didn't want her to feel left out. Thanks to Lynz for bringing the pattern (from etsy) to my attention. It was a fairly quick and easy pattern to whip up.

The photo is rubbish and doesn't do the fabric justice. The background is the pink from Sweetwater noteworthy. So a much more bright pink irl.

Both gifts have been given and I got some  awesome snuggly baby cuddles last week (aww) and as I write this I'm eagerly awaiting news from another friend who went in this morning to have her baby �� so expect to see more baby related sewing here soon!


  1. Lovely gifts Claire!
    I know what you mean about everyone pushing out babies - that was my circle of friends over the last 5 years or so. Seems to have quietened down a bit at the moment.

  2. Wow Claire that basket is stunning, what great vibrant colours! (who can resist a cupcake or two?)

    I have a few friends that are into owls so I might revisit this later. He looks wise and happily plumped, as every owl should!

    I jolly-well hope that this baby boom is not catching .... I'm keeping a safe distance from you & Nessa just in case, although I wouldn't mind a few cuddles!

    Had to laugh at your 'procraftination' ... I call mine 'paralysis by analysis' as I sometimes can't get started until I have a plan!