Thursday 2 October 2014

An apology

Of sorts.....

Life is busy right now. Working 2 jobs (2 roles at the same place at least) juggling night shift with 5am starts, coping with the upheaval of 2 bathroom reno's plus a hectic social schedule means my sewing has slipped.

For that I apologise.

I have *several* outstanding commitments, not least:

Bee blocks, several (hangs head in shame)
Baby quilts (gifts)
An update to a bag for a friend
Blogging - including the stitch gathering & swap stuff
Guild prep - eek
Chasing my Team Poppins peops who have not done a mosaic yet
Stalking my IG mini swap partner and generally catching up on Flossy's group

And let's not mention the "C" word shall we?!!!

Hoping that this post will prompt/shame me into action!

Watch this space.


  1. It's funny how a hobby can end up so stressful. I'm in the same boat, if that helps x

  2. Don't you worry about it Claire! Make a list of these things and put them in order of due date. This is what I have had to start doing, as I too have signed up to too many bees and swaps. I just make sure the top three things on my list are in a project pile/tub/stack and all ready to go for when I do get a spare half hour. At least it feels like I'm sorted, and if it is written down then it feels kind of sorted/dealt with.
    But also remember, it's just a hobby and these are not real life deadlines. Every one of us knows that sometimes things will arrive later than expected.

  3. That just sounds like my life all the time Claire! Everyone goes through stages like this, you'll catch up. We missed you last night though!