Friday 17 January 2014

Q1 FAL List - its all about the stars

Linking up with Katy for this bunch of WIPs that I hope to get finished during Q1.

(apologies in advance for poor photo placement but the blogger app doesn't seem to allow you to add photos mid post!)

1. Giant star quilt top. Started last August and got the top finished in a couple of days. I even basted it and started quilting which killed my old machine :-( .  Quilting has been removed and top is ready to be re basted and quilted.

2. Katherine's wheel star quilt top. Needs a backing made and to be basted and quilted. I started this in October 2012 after winning the Nel Whatmore fabric and got the top finished last summer. As I plan to hand quilt it, its not progressed any since then!

3. Wonky stars giant cushion. Started summer 2013 following the simply solids sew solid crew stash club pattern. Needs a small piece added to one of the backing panels and re bound.

That feels enough for now given I have some must do sewing projects too!


  1. All gorgeous Claire, particularly love the wheel star quilt

  2. I recognise that first one! *g* I love the Katherine wheels, too. The negative block in the middle is lovely!

  3. P.S . When is your quilt guild meeting - the one in Muckart?

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  5. Ooh, these are so close, good luck!

  6. Love! :)
    Nikki W

  7. Your quilts are amazing! I've popped over to your blog as I'm one of your fellow Little Blog Quilt Bee-ers - sewing the standard of your work, I'm a bit concerned now! I'm really looking forward to the next few months, and am looking forward to getting to know you x

    1. Aww thanks Natalie! I've been sewing less than 2 years so still have a lot to learn! Looking forward to getting to know you too! Xx

  8. That large star is gorgeous! As is the middle quilt oh and wonky stars my choice for the bee! Looks like my wonky star will be safe in your hands!