Friday 18 April 2014

Q1 FAL Update

So, I failed.

I failed to complete anything on my FAL list. I failed to link up to the end of the Q1 FAL and I failed to link up with the Q2 FAL. Go me! Lol.

Anyway, it's not a complete disaster. My giant star quilt is sandwiched and basted and waiting to be quilted. Might need to put my big girl pants on for that.

My Katherines Wheel star quilt is basted and is being hand quilted, hoop and all. I must admit, I'm really enjoying hand quilting. I take it to my weekly sewing circle and sit happily for a couple of hours sewing and chatting with the other ladies. I can't help but think of times gone by with women sitting round a giant frame each working on a section of quilt.

And the wonky star cushion, well, we'll quickly skim over that as I've not even looked at it since, despite it being a relatively quick finish.

Obviously I've sneaked in a few other makes (see previous 2 blog posts) as well as bee blocks and a cushion for the mother but this quarter it's a "must do better" for Mrs Poppins!


  1. Oh no! Sorry you missed out on both FAL posts!
    LOVE your hand stitching, and that variegated thread was a lovely choice.

  2. Oops, some weeks are like that! Your Minnie cushion was obviously well received & this quilting looks great, hand stitching is a super way to spend time with friends x al