Sunday 9 November 2014

Christmas come early


Taps screen and blows cobwebs off the blog. Is anyone out there?

So tonight I was quietly minding my own business, catching up on my blog reading when I read a post about the latest edition of fat quarterly e-zine. Well I completely missed all communication announcing its release so dashed over to download my copy immediately.

This Christmas edition is a special one for me as I have a project in it *squee* Christmas really has come early to the Poppins household! 

I'm still a bit giddy from seeing my name in print for the first time and seeing something I made out there for all to enjoy. 

There are some amazing projects to make in this edition and I'm particularly loving the styling/layout this time round. Now, what to make first?..........


  1. Fantastic! They look great Claire!! Well done!!

  2. You kept that quiet, missus!! Nice job, mate, I might need to get myself a copy! *g*