Monday 19 January 2015

Lucky me

I'm so lucky to have lovely people in my life who understand me. Christmas was a bit of a wash out for reasons I won't bore you with but opening up these lovelies on Christmas morning really made my day!

Crafty chums are the bestest and I'm truly blessed to have this bunch of people in my life!

Because I'm using the blogger app, I can't get pictures into the body of this post so instead I'll do a list of all the fab goodies with pics at the bottom.

Disclaimer: there may or may not have been a chocolate related element to some or all of these gifts but if there was, it's long gone. Om non nom!

1. Gorgeous tula pink project bag from my Muchart Massive chummy Lynz

2. The most beautiful personalised note book from one of the besties Tanya. I shall try my best to use it, but I may just have to keep it nice and pet it for a while 

3. A canvas print made by my very talented cousin from a picture she painted whilst we were away for the weekend last year!

4. A drawstring pouch from another Muchart chummy Sheila which had the nicest smelling soap in it and maybe something else that I ate (sorry, not sorry)

5. The most gorgeous collar style necklace from the other bestie Lesley. It looks like lace work and is so intricate and beautiful!

6. Last but no means least, a zippy pouch and some notebooks from Nikki which also came with a teeny tiny hand felted  acorn but I think the Mr has tidied it away with the Xmas Decs so no pic til next year!

Thanks guys, you rock!


  1. Sorry your Chrimbo was a bit of a damp squib but lucky girl for your loot!! I'm not sure I'd be able to use that notebook either and I LOVE the print.

  2. Lovely collection of gifts there! Glad that they brightened up your Christmas!!

  3. Yey! That's a fabulous bunch of stuff ... you have some great friends!

    How's your #LBQB quilt coming on?