Saturday 31 August 2013

The Stitch Gathering - The Event

So, its about time I wrote about the actual day rather than gushing on and on about the goodie bag, isn't it?!

I had an early start and headed off to Perth services to meet the lovely Vanessa who had very kindly offered people near her a lift in one of the Flickr discussion groups. I may have stretched the terms of "near" a bit ;-) but it was fantastic to get to know Vanessa on our journey through and most importantly it meant I wasn't walking into a room of strangers on my own. I get quite nervous and shy doing that sort of thing believe it or not!

Tea and coffee was on hand and Jo came over to greet us as we ended up sitting at a table with two of the teachers, Fiona & Julie

Goodie bags were distributed but I think I've covered that already!! Tickets were handed in and we were invited to find our nametag swap partners and have a chat.  Rhona made my gorgeous name tag which rather spookily matched my outfit perfectly and I love the little needles and scissors that border my name.

Jo did a little welcome speech and we were split into our morning classes and led to the classrooms. The view from the rooms were stunning but unfortunately I was too busy gassing to take any pics!

I did Jo's cathedral window class in the morning.  I'm not sure I would have been so calm and collected teaching to such a large group but Jo did a sterling job and we all learned the ninja origami fabric folding method required to make a cute wee Pincushion.  (Disclaimer, mine isn't actually finished yet but I shall endeavor to finish it. Those that know me will know I'm not a keen hand sewer so I'll have to apply the little and often method to get it done).

Next came lunch. Lets just say there was enough to feed a small army and it was thoroughly deliscious.

After lunch there was an fq swap closely followed by a lucky dip and show and tell.

My afternoon class was foundation paper piecing with Katy. I really enjoyed it and after the initial bout of confusion I think I'm safe to say that I've mastered the technique and am adding a little bit to my unfinished class project each day. Some people did struggle in the class but Katy was on hand to offer help and support or even just a reassuring nod to signal we were on the right track. Oh and we even got cupcakes half way through the class to stop us flagging. Baked by Katy herself no less!

After classes finished we packed up and trooped round to Avery Homestore to have a last look at the Modern Quilt exhibition. Jo had bubbles and canapes ready for us as we wandered around chatting, shopping and voting for our favourite entries.

Closing speeches were had and prizes were given to the thoroughly well deserved winners. We retrieved our quilts and headed home.

Everyone agreed it was an absolutely amazing day and I know I'm waiting patiently (well sort of) to hear when the next one is!!!


  1. It was indeed the best of days, I am waiting patiently for the next one too!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to go to the next one and I really want to try cathedral windows!

    1. It was! Keep your eyes peeled on Jo's blog for details of the next one :-)

  3. Wow sounds like a great day! And those goody bags look amazing.

    1. It was a fantastic day! A week and a half on and I still can't get over the generosity of the goodie bags :-)